designed with purpose. handmade with pride.

everything we sell is 100% handmade by me in chicago, il.  i take pride in our craftsmanship and strive to make products that are made to last.  i started working with leather because i couldn't find what i was looking for.  i started McMurray and Blonde to share that with you.

designed with purpose

handmade with pride


Big fan of this camera strap! It's so nice to finally see someone make a well designed and thought out camera strap. I use it for my Bronica ETRS and it works/feels great. The 50" length is perfect if you want to have it across your chest and still be able to shoot with it. It's obvious the craftsmanship that went into this. Really nice looking leather and the fact that you can change this strap to another camera easily is awesome. Shipping was super fast which is always nice too. Highly recommend!


This strap just makes me want to shoot. It's creamy soft and a delight to behold. Great work, McMurrayAndBlonde!


1.5" Belt - Just got one of these.  so fkin tight (figuratively.  belt fits perfect)

DJ (Not an actual DJ)

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