• designed for function

    We have spend years developing the perfect camera and guitar straps. Hours upon hours, pouring over details like "how much better would it be if I didn't have a bunch of loose material on my guitar strap".

    Each item was designed for one purpose: do it better than how its being done.

  • made with quality

    Before I made my first strap, all I knew about leather is how much I loved Horween Chromexcel. We still use this leather as our primary material because its still one of the best leathers available. Consideration has been taken all the way from specifically sourced split rings for our camera straps to making our own wax to finish our edges.

  • style

    I don't like what is popular and I don't want things as everyone else. I want unique items with classic style, made by hand. I started McMurray and Blonde to find people that are looking for the same thing.

  • PK

    Best guitar strap I’ve ever owned.

  • HK

    Incredible quality...was blown away by the feel of the leather when I opened the packaging and unboxed the camera strap. Looking forward to the years of use that's to come!

  • DI

    Leather truly feels premium. It’s light but tough, unlike many others that are just thick, stiff and dry which usually feels cheap. Mac is great to work with. I would highly recommend his work.

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