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Wabash Ave | Chocolate Crazy Horse

Wabash Ave | Chocolate Crazy Horse

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Form and Function 

The Wabash Ave | One Piece Button Stud Watch Strap is a NATO/ZULU-style, one-size-fits-most leather watch strap with a solid brass button stud closure. 

Made from full grain leathers and hand cut and finished, we added micro adjustments at the top to allow for 1/4" sizing changes.  Two hand sewn matching leather keepers allow you to you tuck any excess strap away.  Available in several different types/styles of leather and in widths from 18mm to 22mm (contact us about custom sizes)


Please note these straps vary in thickness from 4oz (1.6mm) to 6oz (2.4mm).  While they will fit many (if not most) watches, please check to make sure there is enough space in between the lug and watch to allow for the strap you choose.  If the width is very small, you can purchase curved lugs for about $6 on many sites online (like Amazon).  I had to do this for my personal Citizen Nighthawk.

While some watches can slide on to your strap, it is recommended to remove the lugs and install the watch.  Sliding the watch can cause scratches on the leather that could be difficult to impossible to remove.  


  • Leather – Tasman Crazy Horse (See Leather Profile)
  • Color – Chocolate
  • Leather Thickness – 5.5oz (2.2mm)
  • Solid Brass Button Stud - Available in Copper, Antique Copper or Nickel finish
  • Fits wrists approximately  6.0" to 9.5" - Leather is 11" end to end
  • Available in width from 18mm to 22mm (ask about additional sizes)