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Sometimes it's time to clean house.  This is an item that is made just like our regularly priced stuff, it's just "special".  Special as in it either has a small visual flaw (a second), maybe it's the model I made to take pictures (a sample) or something I'm not making anymore (an old stock).  Either way, you are saving up to 40% and getting a great deal.

This was the first set of camera wrist straps I made.  I thought they were all sold out, but I found a few hiding under a big piece of leather

  • Product: Black ReTan Leather Belt
  • Sale Type: Old Stock
  • Description:. 1/'2 wide Horween Chromexcel Leather Camera Wrist Strap.
  • Regular Price:  $35 + shipping
  • Sale Price:  $25 including free economy shipping

Items are sold "as is" with no returns.  If you would like additional pictures, have questions, or would like a different version, please contact us.