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Leather Coasters

Leather Coasters

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So I keep setting my drink down on our expensive "vintage" "handmade in the chicago" ottoman tray I purchased from a local maker from the north side.  The Blonde swiftly picks up my beverages and says "can't you use some of that leather you have to make us some coasters?"</p>
<p>Fast forward a few hours and I have coasters up for sale and she still had glass rings on her fancy tray. 


Leather – Horween Chromexcel (See Leather Profile)

  • Leather Color – Black
  • Weight - 5.5 oz (2.2mm) medium
  • Available with or without the M + B logo stamp
  • Factory waxed back (bottom), hand waxed top with M + B custom Bottled Blonde wax 
  • 80mm x 80mm - will fit a large Starbuck "You Are Here" mug
  • Fully burnished edges with a five step process<

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