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Peak Design Leather Camera Strap | Adams St | Adjustable

Peak Design Leather Camera Strap | Adams St | Adjustable

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Originally a custom order, our <a href="" title="Adjustable Leather Camera Strap | Adams St | McMurray and Blonde" target="_blank">Adams St | Adjustable</a> leather camera strap fits perfectly into Peak Design Anchors if they are widened from 5/8" to 3/4".  Our solid brass chicago screw hardware locks everything together nicely.  </p>
<p>**Since you can use your own Peak Design anchors, we do not use loctite in the hardware.  While the button studs pretty much stay screwed together, occasionally they could work themselves loose (or even grow legs and walk off...or do not get screwed together properly).  <strong>IT IS VERY IMPORTANT TO EITHER MAKE SURE THE BUTTON STUD IS FULLY TOGETHER EVERY TIME YOU USE THE STRAP OR PUT A SMALL AMOUNT OF LOCTITE IN THE HARDWARE.  THE LOCTITE WILL MAKE THEM PERMANENTLY SCREWED CLOSED.**</strong>


Length | Adjustable
Your choice within 30” to 50”, up to 10” total
Strap Width
Solid brass button stud hardware, fully burnished and finished edges, hand stitched keepers

Leather Options

How To Measure

Cameras It Fits

Most Leica, Fuji, Sony, Panasonic, Olympus, Canon, Nikon and other cameras using Peak Design Anchors

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Camera straps for photographers with taste

Let's face it. Snapping a pic for the 'Gram requires high quality objects to really get the fomo going. And that will not happen with your blaze yellow strap that came in the box with your camera.

made from quality materials

You aren't buying a brand, you're buying history. If you buy a leather item from someone that doesn't mention where the leather is from, that usually means they don't know...because its not worth mentioning. All leather we use is made from US cows, tanned in the US with some tanneries that are 100+ years old.

appreciating the details

Leather edge finishing is almost always overlooked. In all our of straps (except the two "rustic" styles), we double the amount of labor by hand finishing the edges. On the ones we don't, its done intentionally to keep the price low while maintaining high quality components.