designed with purpose

Every product sold at McMurray and Blonde is designed by me with aesthetics, utility and value in mind.  Everything we make is designed in-house with multiple prototypes and test runs to make sure it functions like I had anticipated.  Because of the extensive designing I have done, I have the experience to work with you to make our standard products custom for you. 


 When designing our Washington St. Camera strap, I tried out several ways to create the loop that holds the split key ring.  I started with just a stitched strap, but found that opening the split key ring could be a "nail bending" experience. I also didn't like the original 3/4" slit key ring I was using because it was too big.  Both of these problems led me down the path to using a chicago screw to secure the loop at indenting the edges so a smaller 5/8" key ring could be used. 

 Additionally, I tried several different widths so see what would work the best.  For instance, I started at 1/2" width, but realized it looked too thin.  I then tried 1" and found it to be too thick.  I have settled on 5/8" for heavier leathers and 3/4" for thinner leathers.