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Double Door | Adjustable

McMurray and Blonde

Type: Guitar Strap

Riv | Vintage Fixed

McMurray and Blonde's Double Door | Adjustable leather guitar strap is the perfect custom addition to your guitar, be it a heavyweight Gibson Les Paul, lighter Fender Strat/Tele, or anything in between. It took me two years to land on a design Ioved. Each strap is made from a solid 2” wide strap of Horween Chromexcel leather in top/shoulder section with a slimmer 1" section for adjustment. We use a solid brass "conway" buckle, typically used in the equine industry to adjust reins and straps. We call this strap the Double Door after one of Chicago’s historic rock clubs (RIP - currently a Yeti cooler store... the irony of something so awful taking over such an important place is not lost on me.

Other Details

Length | Adjustable
2” until about the middle of your back then 1" throughout the adjustable section.
Hand cut 2" and 1" straps. Solid brass hardware. Hand stitched keepers so things stay tight. Hand finished with fully burnished sides.


Most guitars with standard strap buttons including Fender Stratocasters and Telecasters, Gibson Les Pauls. Strap locks are highly recommended. Options for additional button hole are free of charge.

Leather | Color


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Style Guide

McMurray and Blonde leather guitar straps are all made from the same high-quality materials and artisan level attention to detail. We offer several different models offered at a variety of price points to meet your style and budget.

Fixed Length Straps

Riv | Vintage Fixed | Natural Horween Chromexcel

High quality leather, hand cut strap, two holes for attaching it to your guitar...and a few touches to keep it respectable. Our best value strap with no compromise to form and function.

Metro | Fixed | Natural Horween Chromexcel

Our original guitar strap. Premium leather hand cut in to a 2" strap, hand burnished edges and a simple fixed length design. This is our definition of quality.

Double Door | Adjustable | Black Horween Chromexcel

It took took me two years to develop our adjustable leather guitar strap. The top/shoulder section is 2" wide with a slimmer 1" section in the adjustable section. We use a solid brass conway buckle and two hand stitched keepers for five inches of adjustment (or 15" with the long version).