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Washington St | Bronze Sunset Oil Tan

Washington St | Bronze Sunset Oil Tan

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McMurray and Blonde was started with The Washington Street camera strap. I literally scoured the world for a simple, thin leather camera strap that was made with high quality materials AND was affordable. I couldn’t find one, so I made my own.

I made this strap easy to put on and take off of the split key rings on your camera ***SEE BELOW***. Solid brass chicago screws allow for the easy removal and installation of the strap. Pair multiple cameras with one easy-to-switch strap or use multiple McMurray and Blonde straps without having to bend your finger nails off trying to switch them. I carry a heavy guitar pick in my camera bag for switching on the road.


-Leather – Thoroughbred Leather Oil Tan (See Leather Profile)
-Color – Bronze Sunset
-5/8” wide strap
-Fixed Length – 35” to 60” – available in 5” increments or custom length up to 60” for no additional charge
-Copper plated, solid brass chicago screw
-Fully burnished edges with a five step process
-Heavy duty 1/2” split key ring – not too big, superior quality compared to cheap rings
-Fits any camera with lug or similar strap attachments including Fujifilm, Leica, Nikon, Canon, Sony, Olympus, Panasonic, Ricoh.


***A note on chicago screws - If you don't want the hardware to come apart, select "Yes" I will add Loctite to the screw. In general, once the chicago screws are together properly, they don't come apart on their own easily. With loctite, it will be very difficult to get them apart and not considered removable. If you select "No" Loctite, please remember to make sure they are fully screwed together and are snug on occasion.

If you are prone to losing things, please purchase a 4-pack of the chicago screws with your strap.***