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Peak Design Leather Camera Strap | Adams St | Adjustable

McMurray and Blonde

Type: Camera Strap

Peak Design | Adams St | Adjustable

Originally a custom order, our Adams St | Adjustable leather camera strap fits perfectly into Peak Design Anchors if they are widened from 5/8" to 3/4".  Our solid brass chicago screw hardware locks everything together nicely.  


**Since you can use your own Peak Design anchors, we do not use loctite in the hardware.  While the button studs pretty much stay screwed together, occasionally they could work themselves loose (or even grow legs and walk off...or do not get screwed together properly).  IT IS VERY IMPORTANT TO EITHER MAKE SURE THE BUTTON STUD IS FULLY TOGETHER EVERY TIME YOU USE THE STRAP OR PUT A SMALL AMOUNT OF LOCTITE IN THE HARDWARE.  THE LOCTITE WILL MAKE THEM PERMANENTLY SCREWED CLOSED.**

Other Details

Length | Adjustable
Your choice within 30” to 50”, up to 10” total
Strap Width
Solid brass button stud hardware, fully burnished and finished edges, hand stitched keepers


Most Leica, Fuji, Sony, Panasonic, Olympus, Canon, Nikon and other cameras using Peak Design Anchors

Leather | Color


style guide

McMurray and Blonde leather camera straps are made of the highest quality, USA tanned leather (Horween Chromexcel and others) and handcrafted with traditional artisanal methods.  Each aspect of our straps was painstakingly developed with a focus on form and function

Our straps are hand cut from full sides of leather (half of a cow) and made to your custom length specifications.  Learn more about our process on our blog.

All straps are made from the same high-quality materials and artisan level attention to detail. We offer several different models offered at a variety of price points to meet your style and budget.

Quincy St | Rustic | Coffee Horween Derby

We take premium Horween Chromexcel or Crazy Horse leather designed to look just as good while shooting street photography as it does sitting on a table at the coffee shop while you are traveling...all while being our lowest priced strap.

Madison St | Stitched | Black Horween Chromexcel

Hand stitched for the ultimate example of form and function.  Choose from several colors of thread to compliment your leather – make it bold contrast to set yourself apart from the crowd or matching to be conspicuous during street photography.

Adams St | Adjustable | Natural Horween Chromexcel

Hand punched keyholes and a solid brass button stud to allow for up to 10” of adjustment. Two hand-stitched matching leather keepers are included so you can keep everything together and keep the hardware covered.

Learn more about the leathers we use and why we use them

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