What a Finished Leather Edge Looks Like (Chromexcel Strap)

What a Finished Leather Edge Looks Like (Chromexcel Strap)

I want to start with a disclaimer: I'm not saying our straps are the best in the world (I believe that...just trying to stay a little neutral) but I think we provide the BEST value on the market.  

When I started designing camera and guitar straps, I looked out to see what was on the market.  And what I didn't see was a combination of high quality and properly finished straps.  There are plenty of cheap straps.  There are plenty of expensive straps that lack any kind of finishing.  But there aren't many moderately priced straps that someone took the time to finish.

Here is a quick snapshot of the difference between an unfinished edge and a finished one.  I'm not suggesting that all straps need to be finished (I only bevel the bottom of our Quincy St straps to help keep the price down) but if they aren't finished, don't pay a premium!

The strap on the bottom took me about a half hour of additional work to properly bevel and burnish the edges.  I use a custom wax blend to finish everything off and lock the fibers of the leather down.

We take pride in what we do!  Don't pay "finished" prices for unfinished work!


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